Tinder Reckon 86% Of Us Are Stoked To Be Single & Flying Solo, TYVM

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

As someone who has counselled many a friend through the demise of a long-term relationship, I am well aware that loads of folks look at being single as a terrifying prospect. A lot of this has to do with comfort – if you’ve been exclusively hooked up with your s.o for years, facing what seems like a lifetime of zero cuddles and no sex is daunting. It’s also bullshit – that’s not what single life is like, and I guess we’re starting to know it.

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Tinder conducted some research on it’s Aussie users aged 18-25 about what being single means to them, and turns out 86% of us see it as a lifestyle CHOICE, not some awful burden we’re loaded with.

We are just fiiiine being single, TYVM. In fact, 74% of us are actively deciding to have a single period in our lives, so we can ~find ourselves~, or just dedicate time to friends, family and careers. NICE.

Not that we aren’t dating while we’re single – in fact, 90% of those surveyed said they go on one or two dates a week, because 77% believe that single folks are the ones who are open to new experiences. It’s not all about meeting people, even – 36% of people surveyed said dates introduced them to a new bar or restaurant, and 22% said dates got them onto fresh muso talent.

In short – if you’ve found yourself suddenly single, enjoy it yeah?