Reach Max Banter Levels With A Tinder Bio That Doubles As A Convo Starter


Tinder users, I have noticed a distinct problem that requires you all to pull up your socks and resolve ASAP: too many of you neglect that all too important bio section. It’s a travesty, an insult, and frankly from my perspective as a rambler, a waste of perfectly good writing space. Put simply, an empty bio space mocks you.

Tinder bios aren’t just there to give folk the lowdown on who you are, but they’re massively important when it comes to actually talking to people. You know, the main purpose of the app? Bios are instrumental in giving your matches something to actually say to you beyond a grossly cliché pick-up line or the super eloquent message of ‘hey’, so you’re gonna wanna flesh yours out right.

Now, I’m here as your Tinder fairy godmother, to help not only you, but all the people who may swipe right on you. Because it’s scary and hard sometimes to come up with things to say, and the world would be a better place if we make it easier for everyone.

Ask interesting questions

The easiest way to encourage someone to message you is to ask them a question in your bio. Not only does it give you the opportunity to give a lil’ hint of insight into your potentially warped but ultimately fascinating psyche, but it’s an easy thing to respond to. Not sure what to ask? Build off your interests. Here are just a few reasonable questions I spotted in the wild that might work for you (though let me tell you it was a TIME trying to find them):

  • How many naps a day are acceptable? (Note: srs Mean Girls “the limit does not exist” vibes here.)
  • Which film in the Jurassic Park franchise is the best one? (The original is the only acceptable answer, because Goldblum.)
  • Do you prefer crunchy or smooth peanut butter? (Crunchy peanut butter makes your teeth feel weird, this is the hill that I die on.)

Iron Man Questions

Make a bold claim

Are you bold? Do you live purposefully, knowing what you’re about? This is your time to shine. For a long time, all I had in my Tinder bio was a simple but wholly accurate and impressive claim: “I can eat more pizza than you”. It spawned not just one pizza invite… oh no. None of those rookie numbers. My pizza claim has, to date, spawned no less than 87 pizza invites.

Now, I’m not telling you to use this claim (in fact, I urge you not to – not everyone has my pizza eating constitution, it has required years of training. Also it’s mine, so dibs), but make your own bold assertion. Who knows, maybe your Tinder claim will wind up in your vows one day, and then you’ll be thanking me. I will think of you fondly.

Use emojis the right way

One thing I’ve spotted a few times in my *cough* research into this piece, is that a lot of folk are pretty liberal with the ol’ emoji. If you want your bio to help strike up a convo, emojis have gotta be relevant and supplementary. So, contrary to popular belief (and to the lament of far too many Tinder users), three peace sign emojis does NOT a successful bio make.

If you must brighten up your bio with emojis, do it to complement your text. If you’re into surfing, say so instead of popping a little wave emoji. Use your words. Do those three words sound familiar? They should, because it’s a bloody dating mantra that I insist you take on board immediately.

Write in full sentences

Wanderlust. Laughter. Inspiration. Traveller. Grammatically annoying words that don’t really give any indication as to who you are. Please stop this. It’s not conducive to a conversation, so you’re gonna have to try harder if you want a proper one. Having asked around the office, it was unanimous that the bios with randomly listed words were some of the most left-swiped.

Can you use full sentences? We don’t know. Perhaps in school you were too busy struck by inspiration and laughter to learn. Maybe you’re too lazy, or you’re just really out of breath. It remains unclear. What is clear however, is that you need to write properly in order to get maximum responses.

Skip the clearly false testimonials

Fake quotes from celebrities, your mum and your exes are all ready to go in the bin. I’ve said it. You may think you’re being amusing, but what you’re really telling your potential matches is that you have a tendency to copy funny jokes you found online. And is that really the impression you wanna give? Trust me, if you want responses, go for something more authentic.

And yes, that includes writing that you were Time Magazine‘s Person Of The Year in 2006. We all were, pal. It’s not an achievement. Give your matches something a bit more tangible to respond to, and you’ll find people a lot more receptive.