PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Platypus Shoes for 'Sneak Up', a new podcast for peeps who do things their own way.

We recently asked listeners of our poddy, Sneak Up, to tell us about questions and/or concerns they have for Australia’s future.

It turns out people were quite passionate about the topic because, well, the world is burning, so we should be rightfully fired up (no pun intended….I think).

You can listen to all of the topics that have Aussies riled above, but here’s a little rundown of the most pressing matters covered in the PEDESTRIAN.TV X Platypus Shoes poddy.

In no particular order of importance:

  • Mass-produced farming
  • Single-use plastic
  • The availability of avocados (naturally)
  • Overconsumption of unethically sourced and unsustainable products
  • Achieving zero waste
  • Water quality and supply
  • Government prevention of the production of electric cars
  • Lab-grown meat

I mean, naturally the future of avocados is #1 on my list of importance because I never tire of perfecting my secret guac recipe (hint: you can never have enough red onion), but the rest of the issues raised are also definitely worth addressing.

After you’re up to date with everything sustainability-related, chuck the rest of our Sneak Up eps a listen on Spotify, Apple or wherever you stream.

Image: Captain Planet