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I’ve always had a bit of a thing for entrepreneur Lisa Messenger – not in the sexy way but in the pls-mentor-me kinda way. Take one flick through the pages of her brainchild mag The Collective and you’ll know what I mean – the publication is unparalleled in the print game and makes you walk away feeling motivated instead of trying to comprehend Hollywood’s latest love triangle.

PODCAST: ‘Collective’ Editor Lisa Messenger On Her Unusual Path To Success

Whether it’s inspirational quotes you can tear out and stick on your inspiration board, or business success stories from unlikely suspects, it’s the business bible that, for once, isn’t as dry as a nun’s scalp.

What’s more – she managed to enter print while all others were leaving it, because of the pesky serial killer known as the internet. Yep, the mag’s only five years old, but its audience has been hella dedicated ever since that debut Lorna Jane Clarkson cover hit shelves.

Was it a seamless path to one day owning and editing a unique publication?

PODCAST: ‘Collective’ Editor Lisa Messenger On Her Unusual Path To Success
During our Founders University Podcast, Lisa explained to P.TV‘s Chris Wirasinha that the dream wasn’t so clear cut, and that her path from horse riding instructor to working in real estate, sponsorship and event management, to Editor In Chief of The Collective was one hell of a winding path.

“I think people often expect that there’s a linear path to where you land, ” she explained.

“In isolation not one single thing makes any sense whatsoever to own a global media brand, but, when I kind of go back through it all – and this is probably what’s really important for the listeners – it all kind of makes perfect sense in its illogical nonsensical kind of way, and not just in a business sense but also personal things that I’ve come up against.”

These personal struggles she speaks of – she was able to flip them into triumphs. That’s the kinda info I am here for.

I mean, I’ve been through a divorce, I gave up drinking thirteen and a half years ago, so it’s all those things that you can either choose to pull you down or go, ‘Actually, that freaking fuels me.’ Because it’s from those things and those pain points, where I’ve actually utilised them to learn that resilience and push me harder.

PODCAST: ‘Collective’ Editor Lisa Messenger On Her Unusual Path To Success
in the best kinda way

So, I’m kind of grateful for everything, and I think that’s kind of something that’s really important for people to remember.” (I’m going to also take this opportunity to urge you to read Elan Gale‘s ‘You’re Not That Great (But Neither Is Anyone Else)‘ which is a BOOK AND A HALF about using negative energy to drive you.)

The powerhouse is also huge on taking risks.

“There was one point I think maybe year two of Collective Hub, I took in four sales people in a week and I had no money. I was just like, “Okay we pay at the end of the month”. They were on big salaries so I was like, “Okay I have 30 days, we have got to bring in some revenue.”

Sometimes it’s almost like you can retreat, or you can just chuck it all in and go for gold. I think in that instance it kind of worked, but I’ve had plenty of other instances where I’ve bet the farm and it hasn’t worked.

That resilience – people often say, “How do you do it?” I think it’s just, you go forward and you don’t fail and you push further, or you go forward and you fail and you learn something from it. I think there’s that external validation and then you build up your internal validation more and more and more. It’s an interesting journey.”

That it is. Make sure you listen to the podcast below for the rest, because there’s plenty more where that came from. Head HERE to subscribe to the Founders University podcast, with biz journeys and tips from the likes of Jane LuCreel PriceTaryn Williams and many many more.

PODCAST: ‘Collective’ Editor Lisa Messenger On Her Unusual Path To Success



Image: Instagram / @lisamessenger