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Most of us have probably grown up being told that running away from our problems is never an option. At least, not a viable one.

Enter Banoffee: the Aussie musician who debunks that very idea.

The Melbourne-native chatted to us for episode 23 of our PEDESTRIAN.TV X Platypus Shoes poddy, Sneak Up, and to say I’ve never been more inspired to fuck off overseas is an understatement.

When host Jack Colquhoun asked about Banoffee’s relocation to LA, the musician responded:

“I needed a refresh. I was saying yesterday, ‘It is a complete lie that you can’t run away from your problems.’ I fucken did it, I just ran. I just fucking ran, and it worked.

“I’d gone through a lot in Australia and Melbourne that I couldn’t escape and everything seemed to be a trigger for it,” she continues. “I struggled with addiction and a lot of mental health issues and everyone seemed to be treading on eggshells around me all the time, and even them so wonderfully wanting to do that, it felt like they didn’t have confidence in me being able to survive it and I needed to go somewhere where people didn’t know that – where I could just completely rebuild and be someone else.”

I don’t know how I’d go about this, but if I could hire Banoffee to be my full-time life coach I would be a happy man.

Gearing up for the release of her debut album, Look At Us Now, Dad (out Feb 23), Banoffee goes on to explain how her upcoming body of work differs from her past tunes.

“I think that this record is really different to my past work in the way that I’m not trying to be the strong person all the time, and just [try to] conquer everything and be like, ‘Hey guys, we can beat it’. Because [now] I’m like, ‘Nah, you can just feel shit and that’s fine.’”

Did I mention I’m genuinely trying to get Banoffee on board as my life coach? I did? Swell.

The entire interview is full of golden tidbits so ensure you listen to it in its entirety, please.

And after you’ve wrapped your ears around Banoffee’s life advice, as well as her current bangers, you can head over to Spotify, Apple etc and listen to the rest of our Sneak Up episodes.

You’ll be doing yourselves a favour.

Image: Instagram / @banoffeemusic