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Occasionally, you’ll hear of people who have had to decide between their dream job and finishing uni.

I say occasionally, but it’s probably more like once every couple of years and your brain can’t really comprehend what you’re hearing.

Martina Martian is living, breathing proof people like that exist. We chatted to the designer and illustrator on ep 21 of our PEDESTRIAN.TV X Platypus Shoes podcast, to pick her brain about how she got to a point in her life where a passion became her full-time job.

Flitting between London and Sydney, Martina has worked with the likes of Adidas and Nike – who, she points out, sought her out rather than the other way around.

“I think with me, usually they’re collaborating because they want to be working with me and my style – they want me for everything I represent…so, if they’re controlling me too much they’re not going to get that.”

Martina’s entire brand involves creative artwork that include positive affirmations (like the one above), which has rightfully taken off on platforms like Insta.

Poddy host Jack Colquhoun picks her brain about everything from her career trajectory, her fave shoes to whether or not she believes in aliens.

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