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You know who still reads books in 2017? Huge losers, that’s who.

We’re all way too heckers these days to find a time to pop a squat and read words on paper like some kind of caveman, so thankfully the digital age has brought with it the perfect alternative for getting HOT CONTENT into our bloodstreams, the humble podcast.

After months of working behind the scenes and sourcing the best list of stories, guests, hosts and that kind of cool elevator music people use for interludes, PEDESTRIAN.TV is insanely pumped to announce the brand new Pedestrian Podcast Network, and we’re kicking things off with one of your fave topics: side hustles BABY!

Say g’day to Founders University, a deep dive into the personalities behind Australia’s biggest start-up and entrepreneurial success stories. FU (lol) takes a red hot look at the realities of starting a business and aims to get beyond the inspirational quotes and Instagram boomerangs to give a local perspective on success, failure, pivoting and the hard facts behind raising capital, making money and building a global brand.

The first season of Founders University launches across iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher from today, with the first episode featuring Jane Lu the founder of e-commerce success story Showpo.

Future episodes feature Rob Deutsch (Founder of F45), Taryn Williams (Founder of the Right.Fit) and Creel Price (Founder of Investible) with each juicy episode running about 30 to 60mins and hosted by Chris Wirasinha the co-daddyfounder of PTV.

Chris is absolutely frothing to be bringing you all this exclusive inside look at start-up culture, and the fact we get to team up with podcast besties and website making legends Squarespace:

Founders University is a true passion project that fills a need in the market for more in-depth stories around the Australian start-up ecosystem. As a Squarespace user myself we were thrilled to partner with them to launch Founders University and help let Pedestrian’s audience take their creative projects, side hustles and entrepreneurial dreams to the next level.

Dive on into the first ep of FU below and start working on increasing your hustle factor. We’ll see you punks in 2018 for a butt load more podcasty goodness.

Image: Parks and Recreation.