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PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Platypus Shoes for Sneak Up, a new podcast for peeps who do things their own way.

Episode 8 of Sneak Up has arrived people, roll out the bloody red carpet.

The PEDESTRIAN.TV X Platypus Shoes podcast has been racking up the mileage and chatting to some insanely talented people along the way – just a few eps ago, we spoke to graffiti artist Scott Marsh to givvus his story and a wee bit of a schooling on street art.

In this ep, we snagged an interview with emerging director Imogen McCluskey, who has made multiple splashes with her first feature flick, Suburban Wildlife. Have a gander at the trailer below:

The young director will debut her coming-of-age story at this year’s Sydney Film Festival but if the general synopsis is anything to go by, she’s making all the right moves to become a film industry mainstay.

Set in BrisvegasSuburban Wildlife centres around four characters who are each struggling with their own shit – making that jump from high school to actual life, sexuality, that conflicting desire to get the hell outta the burbs – truth be told, a lot of us coulda used a movie like this when we were forced to take the wheel.

Jesus ain’t helping this time, graduates. Fair warning.

Throughout the poddy, Imogen gets increasingly passionate about the current state of the film industry, why we need to put a pause on Australian movies with an angry male lead (amen sistah) and the challenges of being a new director in the midst of a digital revolution.

If you’re keen on starting out with your own passion project, Imogen gives some sage advice along the lines of, “Just do it, stop fucking stalling.” (That quote may have been adlibbed but you get the gist).

As always, you can watch the previous eps of Sneak Up on all your usual streaming services and if you dig music festivals (you either do or you’re a narc, there’s no in-between), why not chuck the one below a listen for good measure?

Image: Suburban Wildlife