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When it comes to red flags, we either ignore them so they can bite us in the ass later on, or – on the other hand – we decide to pack up personal shop + close the doors to the potential love of our life. Either way’s not awesome right? We’re essentially choosing between a rash judgement or wasting a stankload of time.

For our latest episode of the Tinder x PEDESTRIAN.TV podcast Waiting For A D8, we discuss the complex relationship obstacle and how to navigate those personality traits that make you think twice about someone.

BB alumni Michael Beveridge (who, I’m sorry, cooked his reality tv champion chances by trying to mack on with equine-lover Estelle) joins us for the show, chinwagging about a range of red flags from an unwarranted appreciation for Nickelback to a habit of posing with sedated animals. How fun is dating?

It’s all covered in this 30-min eargasm, and deciphering between serious and trivial red flags is a real topic of conversation in this one. We also speak to P.TV staffer Dom AKA a ruthless machine who will pull the pin on someone for using a monkey emoji, as well as The Indigo Project‘s Head Psychologist, Mary Hoang, who breaks down those more alarming red flags such as racist comments, controlling behaviour and having a past with cheating.

Give it a listen below. I promise it’s time well spent, unlike time wasted ignoring an alarm bell.

Image: iStock / AntonioGullem