Crime Junkie, the US podcast that covers everybody’s favourite topic: true crime, has been a huge success since it launched in 2017 – so it makes total sense that host Ashley Flowers is looking to capitalise on the hype by launching a second crime podcast. Genius!

Deadline reports that Flowers, who hosts Crime Junkie along with sidekick / best friend / producer Brit Prawat, is working with the Indiana Police on a series that will focus on what really goes into investigating a cold case.

Flowers is a board member of Crimestoppers Indiana, the tipline that allows people to offer anonymous info on active cases, and many Crime Junkie episodes focus on Indiana-based cases since both the hosts are locals. Flowers told Deadline:

I have partnered with the state police in Indiana and we’re doing a story on a 40-year old cold case that they police are investigating. It’s the story looking at what it takes to reinvestigate a cold case. The [officer] I’m working with was seven when it happened and just got a new job and got 20 binders slapped on his desk and was told ‘hey, you have a full-time job but can you solve this in your free time?’.

The outlet reports that the podcast with be a limited run of six episodes, adding that TV networks are interested in taking it into the visual medium.

Flowers says that the hook for TV bigwigs is that she has a good relationship with the police thanks to her work with Crimestoppers.

There’s been a lot of talk in the television world about how we could turn this show into a series, once it’s out and fingers crossed the police is happy. Everyone starts drooling when I talk about this work I’m doing with the police. I’m making them nervous but everyone is interested in that because it’s the access that everyone’s looking for. I think there could be a beautiful relationship once I get to a place where the police want to do it.

While there’s currently no premiere date set for the new series, Flowers tells Deadline she’s keen to set up her own podcast network within the next 12-18 months, so hopefully we can expect it to appear on podcast providers real soon.

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