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If you’re unfamiliar with Channel Tres, you’re gonna look a right fool soon – the boy is blowing up.

Fresh off his supporting slot for Childish Gambino and his set at Splendour, Channel Tres swung by the recording studio for episode 14 of Sneak Up, our PEDESTRIAN.TV X Platypus Shoes poddy.

While sitting down with our host Jack Colquhoun, the Compton native chatted about growing up in a chaotic environment and the motivation behind making the music he does (hint: Elton John‘s name gets thrown into the mix).

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The Controller choon-maker has just released his eagerly-awaited EP, Black Moses, and it’s baffling to think that someone who hasn’t even dropped a full-length album yet is having such a cultural moment.

If you remind him of this blow-up, though, Channel Tres will be quick to shrug it off.

“There’s always room for improvement and there’s always goals…I feel like I’m showing promise, but I still feel like there’s way more I want to show and do.”

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To hear what else Channel Tres touches on during the chinwag, including his former Childish Gambino cover band, a secret movie project, his love for Australia and more info on his latest EP, chuck the poddy a listen here or on any streaming service you can think of. It’s all the same, really.

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