It seems every week there’s a new true crime podcast garnering major hype, and Blood Territory – the latest from Audible, is no exception.

The podcast was created by Walkley award-winning journalist Mark Whittaker, the brains behind Sins Of The Brother, who investigated the case of Jimmy O’Connell, a 22-year-old NT resident whose body was found mummified, mutilated and missing clothes on a property back in 2006.

Jimmy’s fishing buddy Philip Mather ends up behind bars for the crime, but in a shocking twist Jimmy’s parents are the ones battling for Philip to be cleared of the charges. They don’t believe he killed Jimmy, and regularly visit him in prison to try and get to the bottom of who exactly DID kill their son.

The podcast uncovers a LOT – alleged police corruption, new public evidence and a mysterious figure known as ‘The Vigilante’. Mark Whittaker said he was captivated by the story the moment he first heard of it.

“The Top End of Australia is notorious for hiding people, and secrets that don’t want to be found – it’s the perfect backdrop for such a cryptic story. As the sequences of events and unusual characters are revealed, it becomes clear this is one of the strangest Aussie mysteries I’ve ever encountered.”

According to Audible’s Director of Original Content, Ben Naparstek, the conclusion Mark comes to about the mysterious murder will “be sure to leave listeners shocked”, so sign me the hell up. Here’s hoping the podcast goes the way of Teacher’s Pet and leads to new eyes on an old case.

Blood Territory is available now on Audible, head here to tune in.

PSA: P.TV’s true crime podcast, All Aussie Mystery Hour, covers wild unsolved cases and weird paranormal activity Down Under. Have a listen on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.