If there’s two things I love more than anything in the world, it’s 1) true crime podcasts and 2) shameless self-promotion. So what a gift this article is, allowing me to indulge in both of my passions! See, PEDESTRIAN.TV has a true crime / mystery podcast called All Aussie Mystery Hour and I’m one of the two co-hosts (there’s that self-promotion element I promised) — and in exciting news you can now buy All Aussie Mystery Hour-themed merch.

The podcast, which is currently in its third season, recently hit 1 million listens (sure, Casefile probably does this in the first 5 min of each episode dropping, but we’re still excited okay) so we decided to celebrate by launching some A+ merch and doing a coupla live shows.

For 35 bucks, you can pick up this rock ‘n’ roll-inspired logo tee in men’s and women’s sizes:

All Aussie Mystery Hour

Or wear one of All Aussie Mystery Hour’s fave expressions, Zesty, emblazoned across your chest (men’s here, women’s here):

All Aussie Mystery Hour

How about this deep cut from the Season 2 episode, “The Yowie Is Australia’s Very Own Mysterious, Bigfoot-Like Creature”? Available in men’s and women’s.

All Aussie Mystery Hour

Personally, I would get all three. But that’s just me. You can view the entire range at PEDESTRIAN.TV’s merch store, right HERE.

Aside from the t-shirts, we’re also celebrating our 1 million listens by hitting the road for a pair of live shows — one in Sydney at Marrickville’s Factory Theatre on December 5 and our very first Melbourne show, taking place on December 15 at Chapel Off Chapel in Prahran.

Tickets for both shows are selling fast, so get in quick here:

BUY TICKETS for Sydney, Thursday Dec 5 at Factory Theatre Marrickville

BUY TICKETS for Melbourne, Sunday Dec 15 at Chapel Off Chapel Prahan

In the meantime, catch up on episodes on iTunes HERE, or on Spotify HERE. Or, you can just listen / download below.