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Wanking, dear readers, is one of life’s truly great blessings and to be completely honest pretty much everyone, ever wanks.

Your teachers? They wank. Your fav celebs? Huge wankers. Tutankhamen? Wanked all over Egypt. The Queen? Oh you better BELIEVE she wanks.

Despite what some people may say, whether for religious reasons or because they’re just huge losers, masturbating is one hundred percent a normal, chill activity for humans to do and actually has numerous benefits for your body and your mind.

Rubbing one out or flicking the bean increases blood flow to your junk, which is a good thing and can help to ensure it’s all working down there, plus it helps you sleep and reduces stress, oh and also IT FEELS FUCKING GREAT.

Ok so wanking = good. BUT, if you’re only just entering the world of mazzing and perhaps have heard all those bullshit myths about jerking off making you go blind or grow hair on your hands or whatever, you may be wondering if it’s possible to wank TOO much.

Short answer: nah she’ll be right.

As long as you’re not causing yourself any discomfort and there’s no redness, swelling or bleeding, there’s almost no reason that you could masturbate too much, health-wise.

The only real possible negative outcome of over-wanking is your body getting too used to this exact method of orgasm, meaning you could possibly struggle to climax when next doing the actual deed with a partner. This can be avoided however, by just changing up your style every now and again. Swap a hand, see how it goes, etc.

Also, whilst masturbating to your heart’s content is healthy af, if you ever find it taking over your life too much and forcing you to shirk from your social life or other responsibilities, talking to a medical professional might be a good idea. Everything in good measure, fam!

So there ya go. As long as you’re not applying too much force and rubbing yourself raw (and this should go without saying, are in a private place away from others), have no fear in going to absolute town on ya bits.