Last week, we told you a tale of how Karlie Kloss’ apparent friendship with Katy Perry surely meant that her relationship with Perry’s mortal enemy Taylor Swift had come to a swift end.

Well, that photo also meant that Karlie had exposed herself to the pure fury and hatred that Taylor’s fanbase aims towards anyone they think is having a crack at their queen.

In the wake of that photo that was published by TMZ, Taylor’ fans have taken to flooding Karlie’s social media posts with rat and snake emojis. Extremely subtle stuff.

Fans also jumped on Twitter to get their thoughts out into the open, figuring that the pair’s long and intimate friendship has been waylaid by a sushi date.

Although, not everyone was all aboard the Karlie Kloss hate train, with a number of users sticking up for the 25-year-old model and saying that she could be both friends with Katy AND Taylor… kind of like an adult.

Honestly, it’s high time we stop pitting two successful and strong women against each other for no other reason than to create drama. Here’s hoping for a 2018 where both Taylor and Katy can peacefully coexist, while allowing their friends to talk to whoever they damn well please.

Image: Getty Images / JP Yim