There aren’t many tales from television that are as sad as Stranger Things’ Barbara Holland. Put yourself in her shoes, ditched at a party by your supposed best friend after refusing to get stuck into a couple of cold ones and then winding up in some hellish alternate dimension?

Seems slightly unfair.

No one realises that more than the fans of the show, who all banded together after Barb’s death in season one to let her know that she IS appreciated… if not by her friends.

Shannon Purser, who played Barb on the show, was at the centre of the #JusticeForBarb movement. Consolations came in the form of public outcry, memes and the trusty scribble of a pen against a Starbucks coffee cup.

The tweet has since been liked over 150,000 times, which is a bit of an indication of how strongly Stranger Things fans feel about justice for one of their most loved characters.

Honestly, we’re totally here for it.

Image: Image / Netflix