Got a Directioner mate? Of course you do, ~everyone~ does. So here’s just a quick PSA to check up on ’em ‘coz some weird ass One Direction shit is going down and they’re probably struggling to breathe RN.


Yesterday on the eight year anniversary of the fateful day that 1D formed and the universe changed forever, someone tweeted a bunch of lyrics from the band’s official Twitter page sending fans everywhere into a maaaad panic.

As if their hearts weren’t already fragile enough, fans went into literal panic mode when a concert date reportedly popped up on Ticketmaster for December 31, 2020, at Etihad Stadium in our very own Melbourne, Australia.

The listing was quickly taken down but not before fans screenshotted the footage and shared it on social media to spark more freak outs across the globe.

Was it an exciting teaser of what’s to come or just a glitch? Unfortunately, we’re pretty sure it’s door number two. The stadium took to Instagram to clarify that the event was not in their schedule, and Ticketmaster told the Daily Mail they didn’t know anything about the event, and couldn’t give any more information.

A 1D rep sadly confirmed that it ain’t happening to the Evening Standard “There are no gigs planned for One Direction currently.”

No tours planned currently, meaning there could be *something* in the works and someone just accidentally fired off the post too early.

But I mean, would tickets really go on sale this far in advance?

UGH, we need answers! Someone get Harry on the horn, ASAP!