Let me begin by clarifying that I have not even finished my coffee and these two are out here looking like two god damned snacks. No, not even a snack, a full five-course degustation with dessert.


The absolute nerve that Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse have to appear together in a stunning celestial-leaning bodice-structured dress and dapper white tuxedo with a woollen trench is ASTOUNDING to me, a woman wearing busted jeans and a face like a dropped pie.

We stan a couple who can make an entrance with one looking like Baz Luhrmann‘s Romeo And Juliet AND the other giving James Cameron‘s Titanic vibes. Ugh it’s such a LOOK.

The Met Gala is the first time that Bughead has attended as a couple, and not part of the wider Riverdale clan, proving that the two are probably the most ~stylish~ and ~on trend~ onscreen AND real-life couple.

Cole stepping back like “look at her” is such a fkn vibe I CANNOT. Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

I mean it’s easy to stick to the ‘Heavenly Bodies’ theme this year when you are TWO ACTUAL ANGELS that have BLESSED US with their presence.

Only somewhat unrelated but I need to go and lie down and think about my life choices up until now that didn’t lead me to being friends with/adopted by these two absolute cuties.

Image: Getty Images / Matt Winkelmeyer