In case you didn’t hear the huge, earth-shattering news today – Kylie Jenner finally confirmed her pregnancy by revealing that she already gave birth.

She and Travis Scott welcomed a daughter on February 1st this year. Kylie apologised for keeping everyone in the dark for so long, saying she just wanted to keep this time in her life away from the eyes of the world.

She also uploaded a tear-jerky video, with all the moments we’ve been missing and all the baby bumps she’s been keeping secret.

And honestly, the entire video – which a 12-minute tribute to her as-yet-unnamed daughter – is making everyone bawl their eyes out.

[It also featured the first look at lil’ Chicago West, which you can see RIGHT HERE.]

But of course, no one is as stoked as her family.

As for the rest of them, everyone is a bit gobsmacked that she managed to keep it a secret for so long, and THEN announce on the day of the Super Bowl.

People are absolutely gobsmacked that she managed to keep this a secret for so long.

There’s also speculation that Kylie’s (as-yet-unnamed) baby daughter will one day turn around and realise what an icon and mogul her mother is.

Honestly? Same.