Sagittarius season is over and your fave Sagi, Miley Cyrus, is having a pretty shit time right now as a result.

Around the one year anniversary of her marriage from ex-hubby Liam Hemsworth, the ‘Mother’s Daughter’ singer is dealing with awful rumours that her new Aussie bb Cody Simpson has cheated on her.


A source told E! News they spotted Cody “dancing behind the DJ booth at Little Sister with a group of girls,” during which one of the women “kissed him on the lips.”

To make matters worse, the source said Cody “was texting Miley, but his friend kept trying to grab the phone for him to stop.”

Eventually, Simpson high-tailed it out of the club but the group of girls followed him to the next location.

The alleged sighting comes just after Cody was spotted out with Playboy magazine’s December 2019 Playmate Jordy Murray, according to Page Six.

Following all the cheating talk, Cody’s people were forced to speak out in his defence, telling E! News “there is absolutely no truth to this story.”

They added, “Cody went out with a friend and all the rest is fabricated. Period.”

His sister Alli Simpson also denied that Miley and Cody had split, telling E! that they’re “together for sure.”

From what we can see, Miley is living her most festive life despite the rumours so either they’re fake as fuck or she’s simply trading crying for carolling.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Ugh, idk what to believe, aye mates.

Image: Instagram