There was some shady activity on model Cara Delevingne’s Twitter last night and punters can’t tell if the girl’s been hacked or if she’s just gone on a full-on social media rampage.

Yesterday, the actress’ official Twitter account shared a message that read “Me and Ashley broke up,” referring to her Pretty Little Liars actress girlfriend Ashley Benson.

Although the tweet was quickly deleted, it left fans panicking about whether or not it was for real.

Punters Can’t Tell If Cara D’s Savage Tweet About Ashley B Is Legit Or The Work Of A Hacker

 Credit: Twitter

Shortly after, Delevingne’s Twitter account also shared messages about giving away free iPhones and creating a new private Instagram account, leading folks to believe that the breakup tweet was probz the work of a hacker who was trying to stir shit up.

Personally, I’m still divided over the whole thing.

On one hand, the iPhone BS was obviously tweeted by a hacker but the breakup tweet very well could’ve been penned by Cara and after it sent shock waves through Twitter, a hacker set their sights on her account.

Also the succinct, to-the-point nature of the tweet is pure Delevingne.

This all went down last night and although Cara’s seemingly gained back control of her account, she has yet to clarify WTF happened and it’s shady as hell, if ya ask me.

Not even Ash Benzo has commented on the matter, even though it directly affects her.

Could someone pls drop a clarification tweet ASAP? Actually scratch that, maybe make it an Insta Story.

We’re freakin’ out over here.


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