It can be pretty daunting showing your Mum a tattoo for the first time, but when you pull a sneaky son of the year move and get one of her, there’s pretty much nothing she can do! Right?

Well, I’m sure Victoria Beckham is gonna have a hard time being mad with son Brooklyn after he revealed a v sweet and wholesome tattoo that he dedicated to his Mum.

Cheers to this man x another amazing one ????. @_dr_woo_

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It looks like the 18-year-old had Dr Woo, super cool tattoo artist to the rich and famous, work on his new piece. It’s an ode to the old nautical tradition of getting “Mum” tattooed on your body, and it looks pretty dang nice, if I may say so myself.

It would be a beaut little touch if he got “Dad” on his other shoulder, but for now, he’s probably enjoying the after tat sting and reaping up all the love he can get from Victoria.

Image: Getty Images / Gilbert Carrasquillo