Ariana Grande is a known feminist who consistently speaks out in defence of her fellow female musicians so it came as no surprise to fans that Starbucks enlisted her for a collab to coincide with International Women’s Day (which is this Friday March 8, BTW).

But some fans have taken issue with Grande earning a buck off the collab and they’ve taken to Twitter to call her out on it.

One person accused Grande of “woke capitalism”, stating that she’s using International Women’s Day to earn a buck or two.

“Ariana Grande selling a custom Starbucks drink on International Women’s Day is like, you cannot write better parody of woke capitalism than the actual thing,” she wrote. “You can’t do it. Happy International Women’s Day from Ariana Grande and Starbucks. You’re doing feminism with the coffee.”

She later added, “Gloria Steinem infiltrated the playboy mansion and became Christian Bale’s stepmom so you could buy the FUCJING COFFEE (sic). we’re breaking the glass coffee pot mother fucker.”

Grande responded by informing the Twitter user that International Women’s Day is actually this Friday, not today.

“Women’s Day the 8th,” she responded, followed by: “Me too. Back to work.”

Not the biggest clap back, but knowing Grande, there was definitely a hint of shade in there. Her responses are usually a lot more long-form and detailed than that so her short response seems ultra icy to me.

The new drink is called Iced Cloud Macchiatos and Business Insider reports that Starbucks also plans to debut a playlist featuring Grande’s bops to coincide with the day.