In this world, there’s very few constants we can rely upon. The sky is blue, time ticks on, and Ariana Grande has an enormous ponytail on the top of her head.


It’s her thing, it’s her look, it’s ~iconic~, it’s just 100% Ari. Cop this tweet and show me the lie:

But, folks, it’s a huge day for hair, for music, for the world. Because it seems that on the cover of her new single No Tears Left To Cry, Ariana has officially moved her ponytail. And her stans are shook.

What is this sorcery? Ari, doll, we needed a bitta warning before a huge change like this! Not only is it blonde, but it’s at the nape of her neck, and people are feeling feelings.

Hilarious feelings.

Momentous feelings.

Loving feelings.

No word yet on whether this is a permanent change to Ari’s look, but judging from these reax, it might be sticking around.


Image: Twitter / @arianagrande