After Ariana Grande dumped partner of two years, Mac Miller, reportedly because of “hectic work schedules”, she’s now come out and revealed that it was actually due to the toxic nature of their relationship – and that she’s “not a babysitter, or a mother.” OOF.

Responding to a bloke on Twitter who reckoned that Mac Miller’s album The Devine Feminine was entirely written about her, Ariana took the time to reply frankly about her reasoning behind the break-up, saying that she “cared for him and tried to support his sobriety” but his issues with not being able to get his shit together made the relationship unhealthy.

Ariana called out the bloke for minimizing her self-respect and self-worth by essentially saying that she should have stayed with Miller because of an album he wrote two years ago, because women don’t owe men anything. Just because he’s penned one (1) song about her doesn’t mean she’s bloody obligated to stick around if she’s not being treated fairly, or the relationship is having a negative effect on her life.

She also mentions that she didn’t say anything about the health of the relationship before now because “it was hard and scary while it was happening”, which explains why the pair went for the stock-standard excuse of hectic schedules as reasoning for their split.

And fair enough; it’s daunting to talk about the realities of these things, but hopefully Ariana speaking out about her relationship with Miller inspires others who are in similar situations to have strength to talk, or make changes.

The bloke in question actually REPLIED to Ariana (I know, immediate alarm bells) but he was pretty well-composed, seemingly read and absorbed Ariana’s response, and apologised for hurting her. He also said that he’s “sorry you feel my tweet stigmatizes women for ending a toxic relationship” which is a preeeeeeetty half-baked non-apology but ya know.

Ariana is now reportedly dating SNL writer Pete Davidson, and her next record Sweetener is due for release later on this year.

Image: Getty Images / Noam Galai