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There’s still a good whack of summer left before 2018 starts getting chilly and if you’re like us, you might be already getting a bit bored of the beach.

Sure, swimming and lying in the sun is a great way to spend your time BUT it can get old and if you’ve got a solid crew of 4 or more people, you may want to… y’know… DO something.

To make sure your summer is as ultimate as it can be, we’ve got five easy ideas to upgrade your next beach sesh.

Tarp it up

A super cheap way to upgrade a regular sandy beach to something a bit more fun is with some tarp or plastic turned into its own slip ‘n’ slide.

Grab a length of placcy from your local hardware store and a couple of buckets for water delivery and boom, DIY slide straight into the ocean.

Well I'm sorry but how do YOU spend a 40 degree day in Sydney? #SlipNSlide

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Exercise ball = trampoline

Literally every second house in the country has one of those exercise balls laying around doing nothing, so inject some life into it but turning it into a beach trampoline.

Simply dig a bit of hole, whack her in, fill it back up a bit and get bouncy. Maybe don’t go as crazy as these guys below who seem to be on a whole other level…

Inflatable mayhem

Those inflatable swans are freakin’ everywhere right now and some of the best fun with them can be had far away from the backyard pool.

Out in the waves of the beach, or floating about in the lake/river/bay, getting a whole flock of inflatable goodies with your mates is an instant summer win.


Ok, stay with me on this, I know it looks like a boring ass game where you chuck bits of wood but TRUST ME, Finska is lit.

I played it all Christmas break when I was stuck trying to avoid relatives and it’s honestly incredibly fun and hilarious. Just maybe play it in regular fashion and not like old mate below:

High-stakes Finska #69 @cousintonysbrandnewfirebird @angushean

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‘Gram away the day

You know those white salt flats in Bolivia everyone always takes those cool looking perspective pics at? Yeh, you can kinda do that at the beach.

Due to the long ass beaches and endless horizon of Aussie beaches theres some photo tricks you can totally take advantage of such as this kinda stuff, especially if you bring some props:

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