13 Reasons Why actor Bryan Box was arrested last week, it has been revealed, ’cause he was fleecing elderly people of their shit. ULTIMATE DOG MOVE ALERT.


Box, who played the role of Jamie Garrison in the hit (yet probbo) Netflix drama, apparently used to be a home health-care aide in the San Francisco Bay Area, and used his former role as an excuse to visit elderly clients and then just straight up rob them.

(Bryan Box’s mugshot, via NBC)

It’s alleged that Box even used his new status as a big ‘ol Netflix actor as a reason to visit the old people he once cared for, as in to update them on his newfound fame and bestow upon them his divine presence. But then he’d just steal their shit when they weren’t looking. Jesus.

The MOST SUSS allegation is that Box even called up one of these elderly ex-clients, pretending to be someone from the hospital and saying their partner had died, before waiting for them to rush out of the house AND THEN ROBBING THEM BLIND. Like, holy fuck dude!

Some of the shit Box nicked included “gold, silver and diamond bracelets, watches, necklaces and rings, medications, a laptop computer, a Social Security card, a surveillance camera and checks that were fraudulently cashed to Box’s account, authorities allege.”

Box was arrested Dec 29 but was released on bail, with his court date set for Jan 16.

Bye binch.


Image: Netflix