Zoos across Australia and animal welfare organisations have taken part in a pun-off to celebrate Valentine’s Day and look, even if you can’t stand the day, this is wholesome as heck.

Taronga Zoo has the winning tweet, surely.


Look at this little guy, it’s so smoll.

Meanwhile, Perth Zoo out-did everyone with this insanely cute video of three baby Asian Small-clawed Otter pups having their first vet check-up.

As the zoo captioned their tweet, this is just “otter-ly adorable.” 

But wait, there’s more.


Whoever runs the social media for WWF Australia deserves a big fat raise.

Australia Zoo put together a whole video full of puns like “You’re more than a meer-friend,” and “With love, nothing is impossumble.” 

Even the good people over at Wellington Zoo and Auckland Zoo in New Zealand got involved.

Check out this bad boy.

Way across the pond, San Diego Zoo upped the ante with a GIF of a wee baby cheetah that will melt your heart.

“We really love your purrsonality but we prefer speed dating,” they tweeted.


San Diego Zoo even chucked in a whole list of animals that bond as a pair in honour of the special day, complete with a poem.

“Roses are red,
naked mole rats are bare,
here are some couples,
that bond as a pair.” 

Hit the link in the tweet for the full list.

Wishing you all a happy, happy Valentine’s Day.