Oh my lord, fellas. And I mean fellas in a generalised, non-gendered sense there OK, just go with it I use strange terms to address my friends (all of you reading this). I have found the most pure video on the internet. It is two wombats playing on a couch, and I’ve watched it five times already and see no end in sight.

The wombats are part of Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary, an Aussie charity organisation that helps rehabilitate cute lil’ wombies and then release them back into the bush safely. Lil’, precious wombies who are also large units that will absolutely DO YOU IN if you crossed them, I reckon.

Once I did a night walk in the bush (I know, what) and I scared a wombat but you’d best believe the wombat scared me MORE, because they are small stocky-boi’s who will fuck you UP. Maybe, IDK much about wombats tbh and frankly refuse to Google, it’s 5.29pm what do you want from me.

ANYWAY they also post videos that will make you cry at your desk, like this:

Wombats Crackers and Bonkers – enough said

Wombats Crackers and Bonkers. I don't believe I need to say anymore….the couch is no longer safe it seems, or the cup of tea which I had to abandon while these two were out.

Posted by Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary on Tuesday, 1 May 2018

How fucking great is how the person filming is just laughing at them for falling over like the portly goobers that they are? I love it so much.

I also love when they catch the zoomies and run all over the couch like maniacs. YOU BOWL EACH OTHER OVER YOU CUTE HEADS.

I extremely love when they ROLL ON THE FLOOR LIKE IDIOTIC LUMPS. Fuck me upppppp with your adorableness!

I have no more to say on this matter, just continue watching the video above if you want an instant mood booster, my friends.

Image: Silly Burrows Wombat Sanctuary