I need to kick off this story by telling you that I love the humble wombat more than maybe anything else in the entire world. They’re the portly delights of the animal kingdom and by far my favourite Australian native animal. My secret dream is to live on some property where a wombat regularly comes to eat the grass — so it’s not technically my pet, which is ILLEGAL, but he hangs around all the time anyway. I shall name him Wally.

Anyway, my weird future fantasy life aside, wombats are the best and should be celebrated always, especially today which Google tells me is World Wombat Day. Or maybe it was yesterday. Who cares! It’s an excuse to look at wombats!

Here at PEDESTRIAN.TV we’ve written a lot about our chunky wombat mates, from this one who went psycho on a poor innocent tradie, these two who played an idiotic / cute game on a couch, and this little hairy-nosed delight who was born at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo earlier this year. So now it’s time for me to share my favourite Instagram account with you: @wombatrescue.

The account belongs to the Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue & Hospital in NSW’s Hunter Valley, which is run by actual human angels Roz and Kev Holme. Here they are:

The place only survives thanks to donations, and the pair have dedicated decades to helping save wombats from natural predators, bushfires, loss of habitat, road accidents and also the disease sarcoptic mange, all of which have affected the wombat population severely. They care for wombats at their facility as well as feed “soft release” wombats who go back into the wild but return for eatin’ time.

Not only are Roz and Kev doing an amazing job in actually helping rehabilitate and care for these precious creatures, they also bless us with adorable content on Instagram. My favourite wombat at Cedar Creek is Mr Magoo. LOOK AT HIM.

He cannot help himself (same, tbh).

He will never stop.

Actual footage of me in the kitchen after a night on the piss.

He just loves to eat.

Aside from cheeky, chonky Mr Magoo, there are plenty of other bloody adorable wombats on the account.


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Our new baby

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Heartwarming recovery stories!


Do I secretly want Roz and Kev’s life? Yes. But I know that it’s not all cute wombats and couch cuddles, they also work really bloody hard out of the goodness of their hearts and would also have to deal with sad stuff like wombats dying, which I couldn’t handle at all.

Instead I dream about my future non-pet wombat and I also donate to Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue to help keep them going and to do this important work. You can also donate, right HERE. It’s a registered not-for-profit charity organisation and subsists solely on donations, so dig deep into those pockets, people.

Do it for Mr Magoo.

Image: Instagram / @wombatrescue