Seven years after having to give her childhood pup away, Nicole Grimes spotted a familiar face looking for a forever home online and immediately adopted her.

Speaking with the Observer Reporter, the Pennsylvanian woman said that she wanted a puppy really badly as a kid and was finally gifted a little grey cutie who she named Chloe. After a few years, Nicole’s dad had to work from home and found Chloe was too disruptive with her constant yipping, and decided to give her up for adoption. (Tbh that’s probably not a good enough reason to give up a pup, but ya know.)

Seven years after giving up Chloe and thinking that she’d never see her childhood pup again, Nicole saw a friend post on Facebook about a gorgeous elderly dog named Chole, looking for a forever home.

“On a whim, I said I’ll take her. I didn’t know if it was going to be my dog but I thought ‘oh, it reminds me of my old dog, so I’ll just take her in’ – I wanted a dog,” Nicole told the Observer Reporter.

Lo and behold, when she met elderly Chloe and got her microchip checked at the vet, it was indeed her pup that she had to say goodbye to as a teenager.

I don’t know if you believe in fate and destiny but hoo boy this is pretty close to the mark.

Check out the sweet video below of Nicole and Chloe and oh man look at that precious scruffy face, my heart can’t take it.

Source: Observer Reporter
Image: Observer Reporter