If there’s one thing we can all appreciate, it’s wholesome animals doing adorable things. That’s why we all stop what we’re doing at our workplaces to catch highlights from the Westminster Dog Show, right? Because what’s more wholesome than scary dog owners with high anxiety levels leading their pet through a maze of difficult obstacles! Wait…

Anyway, there’s always a dog at these things who just doesn’t follow the pack. A born leader, if you will. A true Alpha. This year, it’s Winky the bichon frise.

You can quickly see why Winky was a crowd – and internet – fave. His complete disinterest in moving beyond a glacial pace, for example. His seeming interest in the crowd, who he preens for whenever he gets the chance. He’s methodical AND narcissistic, guys!

Like I said, the internet looooves him.

He got 92 faults and was insanely slow, but in everyone’s hearts he was a little winning speedy gonzales. Let’s all take a leaf from the Winky book and live our days like there’s way more time than there actually is in this world, and also like everyone just really loves us and so they fucking should, and if you don’t I’ll fucking stand here on this obstacle course until you DO, goddamnit.