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When you think about it, our relationship with our four-legged friends is a curious one. They can’t understand us – save for a couple of gestures and commands here and there – and we struggle to translate an “awwwwooooooo” at 3am.

Earlier this year on Twitter, comedian Avery Edison asked the world what one sentence they would say to their pets if they could understand it. It’s beautiful and we need to revisit it.

“My cat, Freja, is a former feral/stray who has come far but is still very anxious,” Edison shared first. “I wish I could tell her, ‘I would never do anything to hurt you, you are safe.'”

While some tweets were brilliantly funny – and we’ll get to those soon – others were simply heartbreaking.

Like this one.

“Because of your previous owner not managing your eye condition, no matter what I do to help your eyes you will inevitably lose your sight, but you will never lose me and I’ll help you every step of the way forever because I love you.” 


One user wrote, “When I leave you I do not want to leave you. Leaving you is the thing that is saddest of all to me.”

Another tweeted, “My cat was more or less discarded without thoughts after 3 years with a family, and is quite nervous and needy, I’d tell her she is my heart and I would never, ever abandon her.”

For some immediate relief, here are some far lighter responses to Edison’s question.

“These right here are called ‘tits’ and I would encourage you to consider this whole area a No Stomp Zone,” tweeted one person.

“If I move you off my lap when you’ve just gotten comfy it’s because I really need to pee, not because I don’t want you there,” tweeted another, which we’re sure many humans can relate to.

Now, get a load of Jakey Boy.

This is just spot on.

Oh, Jaxx.

One more, because it’s simply beautiful.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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