Good morning, let me please regale to you the tale of Odin, the most loyal friend in all of California.

The famous Wine Country has been ablaze recently with a spout of horrendous fires, killing over 40 people, and destroying over 20 wineries in the Napa region on the west coast of the United States.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from farms and areas that were in danger of being ravaged by the fires, but Odin’s humans had to get out before any evacuation notices were issued.

Local station KVTU shared the story of a local hero from the disaster, and let me tell you – dogs are so very good and pure.

Odin, the 18-month-old Great Pyrenees, has the very important job on the farm of taking care of a small group of goats. Odin takes his role extremely seriously. He’s a very good boy and he must protect the goat friends.

When his humans decided they needed to get the heck outta there as the fires reached their neighbour’s property, Odin refused to move away from the goats. They are his responsibility and he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to do his job properly.

Roland Hendrel – Odin’s human – had to make the tough decision to leave Odin behind with his goats, and evacuate the property as the fires approached. He returned later to find his house destroyed.

Odin, however, emerged from the ruins a little battered and sooty, but successful. He’d managed to not only keep his band of goats (who all have names, by the way) safe, but a few young deer had also found him for safety and shelter as the fires tore through the property.

His family have raised over $89,000 to help rebuild their property and give Odin and his gang of goats a new home.

Please, raise your morning coffees to Odin the Very Good Boy, and may he be getting lots of pats for being the best boy.

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Source: KVTU
Image: Roland Hendrel