These days, anything can get a strong Instagram following. Hell, I could probably take this crumpled up chip packet, shoot some aesthetically pleasing pics of it in different locations, and make a “crumpled chip packets of Sydney” IG page. Actually that’s a great idea, do not steal it or I’ll come for you.

Of all the non-human-being Instagram’s that have popped off, pets have to be #1. People have taken their cute as hell fur babies and turned them into minor celebrities. Some, not even minor – these pets are landing ad campaigns and movie roles, ffs.

We’ve rounded up some of the most successful for you to add to your own followings list. Double tap away.


Following: 1.7M

"The sun shines right through her eyes, straight to her heart, and when she looks at me I melt." ???? #thehappiestfox

A post shared by J U N I P E R & F I G (@juniperfoxx) on

Look at that adorable little fox bebe! Look at his smiley little face! You can see why Juniper Fox has amassed an absolutely ridiculous 1.7 million followers – everyone loves a weird pet, and a fox is about as weird as it gets before the animal eats you in your sleep (do not try and make a tiger a pet, guys).


Following: 310K

When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine ☀️ #tot #tongueouttuesday

A post shared by Mr.Pokee the Hedgehog (@mr.pokee) on

Hedgehogs are the friggen’ cutest little spiky shits ever. They’ve got dumb little hands and a fat belly and if you don’t love them, your soul is dead. Mr. Pokee has a squeal-level adorable name and sits in it’s owners hand being a stabby blob in front of random tourist spots ’round the world. Why? I have no idea. Who cares. I love him.


Following: 1M

"Happy Friday!! What are you all doing this weekend?????????" – Yeti Kong

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I mean. It’s a monkey that someone has as a pet. It’s always smiling. Happiness overload, right here.


Following: 110K

Hello friends! #MrBagel #chinchilla

A post shared by Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla (@chinnybuddy) on

I didn’t even know what a chinchilla was until I started this article, and my life is now 200% more sunshiney and perfect. They’re like some sort of hamster/squirrel hybrid and I’m HERE. FOR. IT. Seriously just go and look at Mr. Bagel’s Instagram feed and try not to fall in love.


Following: 1.9M

I wish I looked this attractive while I slept. #seriously #shrivelneck #babe ????

A post shared by Tuna {breed:chiweenie} (@tunameltsmyheart) on

Tuna’s like the OG of famous dogs – he’s been around for years and won the hearts of the world via his giant overbite. This guy is proof your dog doesn’t need to be a designer breed model to gain fame/fortune – you just need to take a good pic.


Followers: 118K

What a day! For this silver fox ???? it's book + beer then bed. Oh look! The author has pawtographed my copy #pawfect ????

A post shared by Pikelet Butterwiggle Stoll (@lifeofpikelet) on

Pikelet might not be playing in the Tuna big-leagues, but his story is heart-warming. Adopted from the pound by his humans as a bub, he now shares his home with a myriad of foster animals – there’s been Pillow the piglet, some chickens, cats… as well as plenty of pupper mates. Pikelet’s humans use his following to find great homes for other animals in need, and they take damn cute pics of them through the process.


Following: 472K

Honestly this one is polarising because if you’ve ever been to NYC or any other North-North American city, you’d quickly have realised what a pest squirrels are. They’re like Australia’s version of rats. Having said that, Jill is damn cute with her little teeny paws. So she gets a pass.


Following: 1.6M

Total eclipse of the BUB. #lilbub #totality #solareclipse

A post shared by Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) on

How cute are cat tongues. If you follow Lil Bub, you’ll get ’em in your feed every day – he loves to stick his out on the regular. He also seems like a small human inside a cat with the facial expressions he makes.


Following: 1.3M

The cutest thing about this pet raccoon is that it has two doggo siblings that it actually enjoys hanging out with. Is having a pet raccoon problematic? Maybe. But they sure seem like they’re having a great time on Instagram.


Following: 60.3K

If you don’t end up tagging five friends daily in Mamechiyo the Shiba Inu’s “about to get in the bath” videos, I’ll eat my hat.


Following: 305K

I see you eating that taco.

A post shared by Hamlet (@hamlet_the_piggy) on

Hamlet’s a Los Angeleno piggy and he’s pretty cute. He’s also not small – imagine having a giant pig roaming your house? Actually nah I’d be totally cool with that. Pig me UP.


Following: 50.3K


A post shared by Jack (@jackthecockatiel) on

Jack’s owners like to set him up in elaborate photo shoots with themed items, like “Halloween trick or treat gear” and “pretending to ride a skateboard”. It’s weird but it’s super fun to absent-mindedly scroll through.


Following: 12.1K

If you haven’t heard of Gobi you’re living under a rock. The tiny rescue pup has QUITE the story – her now-owner was doing an ultra-run (a longer version of the marathon) and this little queen ran with him. He fell so in love he adopted her, and now she’s a celebrity. She’s also bloody cute.


Following: 331K

Bunnies are always cute, but a bunny with GIANT FLUFFY EARS and fluffy mitten-paws is out of this world. Wally was the original bunny on this account, but the owners now have Otis, Suki and Molly as his siblings. Just a giant rabbit family. What life goals.


Following: 321K

It’s a Shiba. Dressed in chic menswear. What more can I say.


Following: 1.3M

I know I know, it's Monday….but on the bright side, just 4 days til Friday! ???? #glasshalffull

A post shared by Venus the Two Face Cat (@venustwofacecat) on

With one green eye, one blue, and a black/ginger face – there was never going to be a question that this kitty was set for stardom. The fact she pulls a mean model pose is just icing on the cake for her (probably now rich) owner.

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Image: Instagram / @mrpokee