First things first; Lulu is a very clever and good girl.

She’s a part of the K9 explosives detection training team with the CIA, learning how to sniff out potentially bad stuff, keeping humans safe, and being a general hero of society.

Sadly, Lulu wasn’t particularly interested in getting her snoot into nasty biz (fair enough) so she’s been taken out of the training program and won’t live out her dreams of being a national hero.

The CIA took to Twitter this morning to explain what happens to pups that don’t make the grade, just so we’re reassured that they’re not just sent out into the world or…yeah let’s not think about that.

Oh Lulu, you’re still my national treasure.

So when a pup is ~retired~ from the training program, their handler has the opportunity to adopt them into their home. This is usually what happens, because these humans and puppers tend to end up becoming really good friendos.

Lulu got adopted by her K9 trainer, which is the ultimate outcome. She’s now living very happily with her human and his family, and another lab who looks exactly like her. (!!!)

So now instead of having to snuff out bad things and spend her days being a genuine canine superhero, Lulu gets to snooze in the sun, get belly rubs, and roll around in the grass.

Hell yeah, Lulu. Good onya love.

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Image: Twitter / @CIA