Don’t mean to alarm you but this story contains adorable wee meerkat pups. There’s two of them, and they’re finally peeping their little faces out of their nest at Sydney‘s Taronga Zoo.

Now I cannot prepare you at all for how bloody adorable these two are, but they were born a month ago, and you can go and try and catch a glimpse of them while they explore their new home.

Because they’re too young to be able to determine their sex, the babies are not yet named but who the hell cares when you’re THIS DAMN CUTE.

Baby Meerkats

The keepers at Taronga Zoo Sydney are excited by the arrival of two Meerkat pups, born in January. The pups are now starting to emerge outside after a few weeks being in their dens, visitors can see the pups for short periods each day as they start to grow in confidence and explore their home! #ForTheWild

Posted by Taronga Zoo Sydney on Monday, 19 February 2018

The little squeakers! The way their wee bodies vibrate with cuteness. I cannot take it and I need to lie down and gently weep for the rest of the day.

Image: Supplied