Sometimes the world gifts us a story so weird but pure that you’re never sure whether you should be angry, or just smile warmly knowing that humanity is not always the absolute pits. The story about Taco the cat’s very big adventure is one of those stories. Buckle up, this one goes interstate.

Last Friday night, seven-month-old Taco went missing from his home in Maroubra, much to the stress and worry of his human/mum, Renae. She spent the weekend posting photos of Taco on local lost animal groups on Facebook, worried sick that the worst fate might have been bestowed upon her beloved ginger kit.

Turns out, Taco has just gone into witness protection, changed his name to ‘Harry‘ and hitchhiked his way to bloody Adelaide.

Credit: Facebook/Renae Hahn.

If you’re not super good with your geography, that’s a solid 14 hours and 1400kms away from home. It’s like going from Townsville to Brisbane, or Melbourne to Coffs Harbour. It’s a hell of a trip.

Apparently whilst out adventuring in Sydney, Taco wound up being picked up by someone who thought he was a stray or very, very lost. After the bloke, who’s named Tomas, tried to find Taco’s owner, he decided that instead of dropping him off at the RSPCA or the local pound, he’d take the cat in, rename him ‘Harry’ and set off on a trip to South Australia, camping along the way.

For what it’s worth, Taco/Harry did not sleep rough at all.

Credit: Facebook/Renae Hahn.

Renae spoke to PEDESTRIAN.TV about Taco’s big jaunt, telling us that she’s in the process of working to get her cat on a flight back from Adelaide:

I have a friend who runs a Pet Rescue charity who is helping me organise it all, hoping to fly him home before Christmas – not an ideal time of year for him to take a vacation.

As for how the li’l mate went on his feline trip of a lifetime, Renae says that Tomas basically treated him like a king, buying him a bed and a leash and really bonding with him.

Apparently Taco has learned to walk on a lead (which I’ve always wanted to try with him) so he’s having a ball. They’ve got a little bromance going on.

Despite the bromance, Tomas was still happy to help get the kitty home, and hopefully the pair will be reunited ASAP. Renae says the whole experience has even got her thinking about setting up a GoFundMe to raise money for the rescue charity her friend runs. Whatever happens, Taco’s guaranteed to get a bunch of new fans. Us included.