I don’t mean to alarm you but footage of bears swimming in a hotel pool has gone viral and I am losing my fucking mind.

A brown bear has been spotted with three of his adorable furry friends in a cafe and swimming pool complex in the Bulgarian mountains.

Now, if you know me at all, you’d know that the Twitter account @BearsActHuman, which does what it says on the box, really. The beloved account chronicled the daily lives of bears doing human tasks, and until it unfortunately stopped posting in 2017, it was my favourite account on the internet.

swimmy the bear

‘Swimmy’ the bear went viral after the CCTV footage was shared online by the building complex.

The adorable footage shows the brown bear having a relaxing dip before being joined by three other grizzly pals.

But if that wasn’t enough to warm your cold, dead heart, maybe the footage of Swimmy walking like a human and trying to open the door to the gelato shop will.

The footage has been shared over 3000 times since being posted on November 1, which basically qualifies Swimmy as an influencer.

CCTV footage also showed the adorable bear stopping to smell the roses, and getting a big ol’ fright

“He is welcome to come,” Albina Yasinskaya, spokesperson for Lift Sopot, told The Dodo. “Swimmy is loved by all amongst our staff.”

In truly heartbreaking news, the company announced that local authorities ordered the bear to be put to sleep, according to The Sofia Globe.

A petition is currently underway urging police to save the animal, which has amassed over 6,000 signatures. The company have even announced that they’ll pay for the safe relocation of Swimmy if the police are happy to save him.

Life Sopot, the company that shared the original footage, was quick to point out that wild animals like bears play an important part in the Bulgarian ecosystem and shouldn’t be put to death for failing to conform to our human way of life.

We must protect Swimmy at all costs.