First things first, heaven forbid you get anywhere near Mochi the St. Bernard when she’s playful and slobbery. She’ll do a lick. She’ll do such a big l i c c because she’s just been crowned the queen of the (dog) tongue by Guinness World Records.

Mochi was rescued from Colorado in the U.S. six and a half years ago by her human Carla Rickert, who noticed that her tongue was kinda bloody long.

After being measured by the Guinness World Records team, it’s been recorded that Mochi’s massive mlems clock in at 18.58 centimetres, and confirmed that she officially has the longest dog tongue in the whole world.

Hooly dooly look at the licker on that gorgeous gal. Imagine her bounding in of a morning and slobbering not only on your face but probably also halfway down your neck.

Apparently she can lick herself not just on her snout but halfway up her head. Her human Carla feeds her peanut butter so she can get out her long slurper for everyone to be in awe over.

Peep the video of Mochi and her human below and oh she’s such a very good girl.

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Image: YouTube / Guinness World Records