A very sneaky dog in the US has been breaking out of home most nights to trot down to the local McDonalds, put on her best “take pity on me” face and beg for food from customers in the carpark. Oh, you god damned SNEAK. You absolute little shit.

You know the look, the one where your dog or cat looks at you like “I haven’t been fed in months, LOOK at how skinny and neglected I am!” in order to silently manipulate you into feeding them a second dinner (maybe your housemate/parents/partner already fed them, or maybe they’re trying to pull the wool over your eyes even though YOU fed them an hour ago.)

Princess, who is very much NOT a stray thank you very much, got hugely busted by her owner Betsy Reyes this week when she cottoned on to the fact that her pup had been looking forlorn in the local Oklahoma City Maccas carpark in an effort to get some sympathy (and maybe some chippies too.) Betsy posted a PSA on her Facebook, warning people to “quit feeding her fat ass” because she’s NOT a stray and actually just a greedy guts.

PRINCESS. This is VERY naughty. Look at you, you chonky puppo. You do not need burgers! You got fed already!

The portly pup with a serious hunger for cheesy b’s (no pickles) was spotted doing the dastardly deed by her human, who filmed Princess sitting longingly next to a car until she was flicked a healthy-lookin’ chunk of burger.

Incredible to know that the call of the humble Maccas run is irresistible to the animal world as much as it is to humans who just got their P plates and don’t have anything else to do.

If anything, you’ve gotta appreciate the hustle here from Princess. Girl’s gotta eat, and if that’s double/triple dinners for a sneaky dog at Maccas after everyone’s gone to bed, then so be it.

Image: Facebook / Betsy Reyes