A tourist visiting Australia was given a true blue Aussie wake up call when he looked out the window to see a giant carpet python eating a currawong, according to the Daily Mail.

I’m not sure it gets much more Australian than a fucked snake eating a potentially even more fucked bird. Currawongs won’t swoop you like their magpie brothers. But they look like flying devils with terrifying yellow eyes and gross black and white feathers. Fucked, I tell you.

The tourist took to Reddit to share the image in the r/natureismetal subreddit with the caption “I heard some noise on the roof this morning”.

You did hear some noise, the noise of pure Australian fucked-ness, my friend.

The post has amassed a whopping 103k upvotes in less than 24 hours, because it turns out the whole world (or at least the Reddit world) knows how fucked Australia is.

The man was a first-time visitor to Australia when the encounter took place. He watched the madness unfold while snapping a terrifying image that will absolutely give me nightmares for the next week.

Obviously, the Reddit community went wild over the photo.

“How do you all just not die walking out the door,” Reddit user 6362252730 asked. Good question, I have no idea.

Users also made a point that you probably don’t need to specify that this fucked encounter took place in Australia. Where the heck else do you find pythons strangling birds while hanging from your roof?

“You really didn’t have to specify that. It’s obvious from the fact that you have a gigantic fucking carpet python hanging off your roof while wrapped around a bird” user Megneous said.

Thankfully, carpet pythons aren’t venomous and are usually not dangerous to humans. However, if you’re a currawong, you’re absolutely fucked.

Despite not posing an immediate threat to humans, the carpet python sure gives tourists a spicy wake up call. I mean, who doesn’t love it when they drop in from the roof to give you a view of their latest catch?

Image: Reddit / candycane7