Folks, it really is the year of the DOGE because out of all the emotional doggo stories that have surfaced over the past few months, this one really hits you right in the bloody feels.

So, this very good 15-year-old boy over in Chongqing, China has a long sit at a subway station everyday… to wait for his human to come home from work.

Stick a fork in me, I’m done and leaking tears.

Xiongxiong which translates to Little Bear sits without a collar or a leash and attracts loads of hugs and kisses from the public throughout the day.

Of course, there’s video footage because you all need to see this.



The footage first surfaced on the website, Pear Video, before being picked up by the Chinese media and melting hearts around the world.

Locals told Pear Video that Xiongxiong is super well behaved and turns up at the station around seven or eight o’clock. Then he commences his fierce wait. Locals always offer Xiongxiong food but he honestly just wants to chill and wait for his owner.

Xiongxiong’s human, who’s been caring for him for the last eight years, said the loyal doggo has always been like this and insists on spending his day at the station.


As you can imagine, people on social media are reacting strongly to Xiongxiong.

Locals are also reportedly making their own journey to the station in Chongqing to specifically visit its resident celebrity doggo.

And yes, this all sounds very similar to Hachikō, the Japanese Akita who also waited at the station for his human to return from work every day… even when his human suddenly died.

Hachikō waited everyday for nine years until he too passed away.

Richard Gere stars in the western adaption of the film. Here’s the trailer but look, don’t watch the full thing – it’ll shatter you into a million pieces.

Source: BBC
Image: Pear Video