It’s a big bad world out there. Bad and scary. Times are definitely skewing grim. But thankfully, the internet has more than ample gifts to remind everyone on occasion that maybe everything isn’t hopeless bullshit after all. And today’s shining beacon of joy in an otherwise endless sea of grey comes from the blessed people at the Oregon Zoo.

Earlier today this photo circulated on the internet, capturing the moment in which one of the zoo’s resident elephants – Chendra, the smallest of the Asian elephants at the zoo – encountered a sea lion while on a stroll past the other animals.


Now, it probably should be stated that the Oregon Zoo doesn’t exactly have a sparkling record when it comes to elephants; the animal welfare group “In Defence of Animals” routinely lists the zoo on its “Worst Zoos for Elephants” list due to the zoo’s breeding program that was run in the 60s.

Regardless, the remainder of the park’s animals seem to be both a) extremely well cared for, and b) absolutely adorable.

Their Instagram feed. For the love of god, their Instagram feed.

OMGourd #gourdnessme #gourdtimes #justaddhedgehog

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*plop plop plop plop plop plop plop plop plop*

Say ???? #WorldSmileDay #somuchcheese

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What are you so dang happy about, long neck?

It’s going to be a ????weekend. Time for some otter pops! #ottersontherocks #makethatadouble

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Just a cool mate finding a way to chill out on a hot day. We’ve all been there, little dude.

Polar ball! Video: Kathy Street

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The zoo’s Twitter feed is similarly packed to the gills with animal-related delights, like this teeny bastard whose existence I was not aware of until today and now I demand ten.

Or this thing.

Look, we could go on all day posting photos of the wee little cuties. But you’re probably better off wasting an hour or so scrolling through the feed for yourself.

Your day will be all the better for it.

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Image: Twitter