Roger, the original alpha male and phenomenally yolked roo from Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary, sadly passed away from old age over the weekend. He was a glorious 12 years old.

Posting on the sanctuary’s Facebook and Instagram yesterday, owner and founder Chris Brolga gave a short eulogy to the unbelievably jacked roo, who was the reason why Brolga and his team put together the sanctuary some ten years ago.

If you’re not familiar with Roger, then please let me introduce you to him, the one kangaroo who legitimately terrifies me.

A supremely handsome roo who legitimately stands tall at well over seven foot, Roger was the first and only alpha male at the Alice Springs sanctuary for many years. He was also built like a brick shithouse.

He recently went into retirement at the sanctuary when he handed over his alpha male status to his son, Monty, who challenged his dad for the role as leader of the pack with a traditional kangaroo kickboxing fight.

In his ~retirement~ Roger mostly just lazed around a bunch, and sanctuary staff regularly found him lying in the dirt on his back, just soaking in his older age.

As someone who has spent several very-hungover mornings literally weeping at how precious all the kangaroos and joeys are at the Alice Springs sanctuary, I’m genuinely upset that sweet Roger has hopped over the rainbow bridge and into the big desert in the sky.

Vale, Roger. You absolute heaving unit of a roo.

Image: Instagram / @thekangaroosanctuary