If you’ve been thinking about getting a sweet puppo but every doe-eyed little ratbag you love you can seem to come across in an adoption shelter, then this neat little bit of tech from PetRescue might just be a godsend for when you’re ready to adopt a pet.

The pet adoption organisation has launched PetMe – a nifty bit of AI (that’s artificial intelligence) that will pick up on a photo of your dream dog/cat/bird/horse/??? that you upload to Instagram and tag with the #PetMe hashtag and comment with a selection of adoptable friends looking for a forever home near you.

It’s a super clever bit of tech that scans the image you upload, maps that adorable little floofy face, identifies the breed, and then does a quick scan of its databases of local shelters, adoption centres, and foster homes to give you a range of options of pets that need to be adopted.

Look, sometimes seeing the whole thing in action is better than me trying to explain it because honestly, I am very novice at understanding how the hell this kind of technology works but it’s MAGIC and that’s all I can suggest. PetRescue have done a handy little explainer video which you can catch below.

So it looks at a dog’s face, and then goes “hmm what dogs need a home that also looks like this dog?” and then does all the legwork for you (??) and comments ON YOUR PICTURE about dogs that you can go and meet. This is probably going to shave at least like two hours of scouring adoption shelters websites when you want to adopt a pet. At LEAST.

The tech’s crafty enough to find other breeds that have the same temperament and energy levels like the one you’re pining over if there’s a chance that there are no dogs that need adopting that is exactly the breed you’re after. So it’s not like you’ll be looking for a Chihuahua and be suggested a Great Dane or a Bull Mastiff or something.

And if you follow PetRescue on Insta, you’ll probably be meeting plenty of furry friends looks for forever homes on your feed on the daily. So here are some of those wee friends so you can start plotting your new housemate (or you need very cute evidence to sway your parents/partner/landlord.)

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Meet Julio (Hoo-lee-oh!) from Mrs Moggie Rescue in VIC. He loves absolutely EVERYTHING, and let’s his whole body show it from the tip of his tail to the top of his schnoz! ???? You can see from his photos what a happy little fella he is! Julio has the biggest smile, and the sweetest, happy-go-lucky personality – his joy is utterly infectious! Julio is fully house trained and has basic obedience commands. He truly tries hard and really wants to please – he just needs a home environment to call his own so he can really come into his own. Currently located in Bendigo, if you’d like to find out more about him, go to PetRescue.com.au and search for ID: 649528 ???????? #petrescue #mrsmoggie #adoptdontshop

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I love this guy! Look at that face!


Rusty’s a p o r t l y  g e n t l m a n and I love him.

Anyway, we’re careening into the adoption high season with Christmas literally around the corner (God, I KNOW Sharon it’s unbelievable how quickly the years pass) so if you’re thinking you’re ready to adopt a pet, now’s the time, my friends. Now is the time.

Image: Instagram /@PetRescueAus