Another horrific case of suspected dog baiting has been reported in Brisbane after rat poison was found outside a Doggy Daycare centre over the weekend.

Retreat Doggy Daycare in Bardon took to social media to skewer the sick fuck who laid chunks of rat poison right in front of the daycare’s gate on Sunday morning.

The team have already reported the suspected baiting to police and the local council.

“We know it was placed between 6.00am and 7.00am this morning and that many nearby business have CCTV – so hopefully a culprit is found,” they wrote on Facebook.

“Our yards are always checked daily before any pups are allowed in it, and this is something we have always done. Though it’s sad we have to.”

The daycare advised the local community to keep an eye out for anything on the footpaths, and to head to the vet immediately if their dog comes across anything suspicious on a walk and eats it.

At least two dogs have died from suspected baiting in the city, according to the Brisbane Times. One of these dogs, Kiody, tragically died within 24 hours of becoming ill after she ate poisoned bait at a park in the New Farm area.

Residents in the New Farm and Newstead areas have since conducted organised sweeps. One such sweep found chunks of meat strewn around local parks.

Earlier this month, Brisbane City Council announced that hidden cameras would be installed in a slew of off-leash parks.

“We are working with the police here, but what we want the people who are doing this to know is, you will be caught,” Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner told reporters.

Reports of baiting have also plagued Sydney, where a husky sadly died after eating poison on a walk at Rushcutters Bay Park. The substance reportedly smelt of aniseed and was yellow in colour. It was found at the base of a tree.

Image: Facebook / Retreat Doggy Daycare