The Queer Eye boys are on a crusade to save the world from bad taste and they’re not just offering their services to style-illiterate men and women, they’re also lending a helping hand to man’s best friend.

To raise awareness for Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, the Fab Five have produced a mini-episode called Queer Eye for the Dog where they visited a local shelter in search of a doggo who needs their styling assistance so that he or she can find a new home.

Introducing Lacey, the three-year-old corgi-mix pup who was rescued from being euthanised at a municipal shelter in Tennessee.

She was nominated to receive a “make-better” from the Fab Five by a woman named Rosie who works at the North Shore Animal League in New York and hopes to help Lacey get adopted.

The special event has literally everything you’d want in a Queer Eye episode and then some.

Lacey gets a pep (or should that be pet?) talk from culture guru Karamo, some delish doggy treats from guac king Antoni, grooming from queen JVN, a home decor upgrade from the all-powerful Bobby, and a hot fashion lewk from the stylin’ Tan.

Catch the episode below for an immediate cure of the hump day blues:

Feel like treating your own pet to Antoni’s recipe? Well you’re in luck ‘coz Netflix have hooked us up with the method riiiiight here:

Image: Netflix