Block out the rest of your schedule, friends, because this is 100% going to take priority for at least the next six hours: there is a cat called Nathan, and she loves loves loves the beach.

Not just visiting it either. This kitty loves that surf.

A rescue cat who lives in sunny Queensland, Nathan (who is a girl, and has probably the best name any cat’s ever been given) belongs to couple Rian and Melissa, who also love the beach.

They told Buzzfeed that they gently introduced Nathan to their outdoor lifestyle, and she gradually learned to follow them into the water:

She followed us as we walked around the beach. She was a very good girl and didn’t even need her leash. Each time we took her to the beach, her confidence would grow and she would wet herself more and more until she would eventually swim!

Nathan’s Instagram is an absolute goldmine of heart-stoppingly cute videos, because if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your dial, it’s a li’l black kitty cat swimming her heart out on a glorious day with her adoring humans.


She swiiiiiiim!!!

Plip plop plip plop plip plop. 

According to Nathan’s Instagram, she was found in a box on the side of the road, and adopted from the RSPCA by Rian and Melissa earlier this year. She’s only been with them a few months and she’s already a better swimmer than I am! Will this cat represent Australia in the 100m at the next World Life Saving Championships?


I’m no expert, but I think I speak for all of us when I say: undoubtedly, 100% yes.

The face of a champion.

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Source: Buzzfeed