A moment of silence for a very good and regal girl, as it has been reported that the last Royal corgi that was bred at home has passed away, after suffering from cancer and needing to be put down.

Willow was believed to be around 15 years old and was Queen Elizabeth II‘s last pup that was bred from a long line of royal corgos. A family tradition of home breeding has lasted since 1933, and Willow was the 14th generation pup from the Queen’s 18th birthday present and first dog – a fluffy-butted corgi named Susan.

It was previously reported that Elizabeth stopped breeding her dogs because she wished to be alive to mourn all of her corgis, and the death of Willow has allowed that to happen.

Queen Elizabeth has owned over 30 corgis since her first pup, and Willow’s death brings an end to over 80 years of a royal canine bloodline.

The royal pup family is still going strong though, with Vulcan and Candy – two dorgis (corgi dachshund cross) – and Whisper, a corgi adopted from a former keeper of her Sandringham estate when he passed away.

Vale, Willow. May puppy heaven be full of things to chase and royal armchairs to chew.

Source: Daily Mail UK
Image: Youtube / Olympics